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London Medical Trials

We have all heard of them. Maybe it was one of those long-running urban legends repeated on university campuses about how you can become rich by taking part in a paid medical trial. The fact is that it doesn't make you rich but it pays extremelly well for a small amount of your time and you get to make a contribution that is of paramount importance to medical research.

They made the front pages of almost all the newspapers when it was announced that volunteers were sought for a medical trial testing the efficacy of a new female pill. They featured in the hit television series Boston Legal and Grey's Anatomy. Drug trials are closely watched by the stock market as a discovery that can stop everyday niggles like hay fever, allergies or the common cold can become the corporate equivalent of hitting the jackpot. But do you really know what a medical trial is? ... click here to find out what medical trials are »

Just by the way, we are always on the lookout for healthy volunteers who wish to take part in PAID medical trials at London's
safest and most comfortable clinical facilities. Interested? Click here to register as a paid medical volunteer